Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


+ I need to update my personal details registered with Talking Heads. How do I do that?

Log in to your dashboard at and update any details there. If you cannot find a suitable area to supply the information, email

+ How do I find out / reset my password?

  1. Go to and click the 'Password Reset' text link.
  2. Enter the email address you provided to us / use on
  3. You will be sent an email with a link to change your password (please check your junk folder if nothing arrives in your inbox within a few minutes).

+ I am going away and won't be available for work. How do I inform you?

Log in to your online profile and enter the dates that you are unavailable, on the main page. This will then preclude you from being sent project offers that require work during these dates. You will still be offered work that happens outside of these dates.

+ My email address has changed and I cannot access ProjectLSP. What should I do?

Log into your profile using your previous email address. Navigate you 'Your Profile' and change your email address on the 'Your Details' section. If you have forgotten your password, you will not be able to reset it without access to your original email address. If this is the case, email

+ My payment details have changed - what do I do?

Log in to your profile and change them. Email to inform them as soon as you do this.


+ I have received an email offering me a project but when I log on, it's no longer there.

Projects are often sent to several suppliers at once. If the project has disappeared from your dashboard, it means that it has been accepted by another linguist before you.

+ Why have I received two offer emails for one translation project?

Check the emails - one will probably be for the 'translation' element and the other will be for the 'proofreading' part. You can choose either (but not both).


+ Why won't my claim proceed even though I have uploaded my Interpreting time sheet?

After choosing the file you want to upload, you must always press 'upload'. This will enable you to proceed with the claim.

+ Why is there an upload button for 'parking' when I am not claiming for parking on my Interpreting assignment?

You always need to upload something so a blank sheet or another copy of your time sheet will suffice.

+ Why can't I claim for a translation project even though I have delivered the file?

You should always deliver files through the system, not via email. To deliver via the sytem, log in to your dashbord and on the 'Return Files' section for the project in question, clck 'Browse' to choose your file, then click the 'Return File' button.

+ Why won't let me claim? It says 'AUTOCLAIMED' or 'NOT CLAIMED'.

You have 6 days to make your payment claim. This is set by our clients as they need to receive this information in this time. If you have not claimed within 6 days, the project will autoclaim and therefore not be paid on time. You will need to email and they will assist you.

+ I’m having trouble claiming on What should I do?

Please contact the Claims Team on, detailing the Talking Heads project number you are trying to claim for and a description of what isn’t working.

+ Can I claim for an Interpreting assignment that was cancelled?

If the assignment was cancelled within 24 hours of the start time, then yes you can. The project will appear as 'to claim' on your dashboard.



+ I haven’t received any requests in a while. Why is that?

There can be many reasons for not receiving project requests. Primarily, it will be because we are simply not getting work that we can offer you from our clients. As an agency, we can only offer work when our clients give it to us!

Otherwise, we would advise logging in to your profile at and check that your contact details and information are up to date. For interpreting, make sure you have an Enhanced DBS check of less than 3 years old and a profile picture uploaded. Often, it can be as simple as your address, contact number or email address not being up to date!

+ How can I apply for an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check?

There are many companies offering the enhanced DBS checking service and these can be found online. For an enhanced check, you must state the nature of the work you are carrying out. Talking Heads also operates the same as one of these companies. You can apply for an enhanced DBS check through us by going to

+ When will I get paid?

All payments are made on the last day of each calendar month and they can reach you any time up to 23:59. Please do not contact us to tell us that your payment has not been made, until after this time.

Only projects completed in the previous calendar month and claimed within 6 days of the assignment / delivery are paid at this time, e.g. all April projects are paid on the last day of May. Payments may sometimes be made earlier, depending on weekends, bank holidays and other operational reasons.

+ I have a query about a payment I received - whom do I contact?

Email the Claims Team on outlining the Talking Heads project number(s) and nature of the query. Only the Claims Team can assist with this – the Project Manager who assigned the work does not have access to payment information.

+ How much will I get paid if my booking doesn’t last the full period booked?

You can claim for the 'minimum time booked'. The minimum time booked is clearly stated on your confirmation email and timesheet as “Minimum Duration Booked” (not the time shown next to “Available for”). So, if you Minimum Duration Booked was 2 hours, but you were let go after 1 hour, you can still claim for 2 hours.