Interpreting Assignments

This is by no means a comprehensive list - if you would like to review the full Interpreter Induction, please click the link below.

Interpret Everything

The most important thing is that you interpret EVERYTHING our client (the English speaker) and their client (non-English speaker) say and that you remain IMPARTIAL. It is essential in this line of work. 


Another very important thing is that you keep all the information confidential. You mustn’t discuss it outside of the session.

Conflicts of Interest

Once we send the Confirmation Email with the timesheet attached it is ESSENTIAL that you check the Client/Ref box, which contains the name of our client’s client. If you recognise the name and you think you might have met the person in any way other than via us and our Client for whom you are to interpret– personal or professional – you must let us know immediately. We have to do everything we can in order to avoid possible conflicts of interests.


Please remember to take your photo ID and print off the timesheet (sent in the Job Confirmation Email) and take it with you for the job.
After the session both you and our client (English speaker) must sign the timesheet. Our client will fill in the TIME boxes.


  1. Please contact us on 07920 816767 approx 1 hr before the job. It’s just so we know everything is well, you have your timesheet and you will be on time. If you think you will be on your way-please contact us before setting off.

  2. Please allow yourself enough time to get to the appointment on time. If you have any problems, please give us a call in advance, not after the expected start time of the job.

  3. Once you arrive at our client’s offices, please report to the reception desk and contact us again (quick text, a call, an email, whatever most convenient for you) when you meet our client.

  4. If the job is taking place at the Court – the Receptionist/Usher should be able to tell you which Courtroom you need to go to. All necessary information to give to Receptionist/Usher should be on your timesheet. If you have any problems – please give us a call on 07920 816767 and we will contact our client and ask for further instructions.

  5. If the appointment is taking place at a home address (home visit) please DO NOT ENTER the premises unless you are accompanied by our client (social worker/solicitor/professional). There is no reason for you to be there unless our client is with you.

  6. Once you meet our client (solicitor/receptionist at solicitor’s practice/barrister, etc.) please text/call/email us again. That’s for us to know that you met our client and they know you are there. When you go there please take some ID with you. Please then introduce yourself (they will be expecting you).

  7. Please switch your mobile phone off.

  8. After the session please ask our client (English speaker) to put the start and finish time of the session on THE TIMESHEET (will be attached to the confirmation email) and then sign it. If they want to keep a copy of it that’s fine, as long as you get to take a copy with you.

  9. Submit your claim, which includes a scan/photo of your timesheet, within 6 days of the booking.


Please remember that all arrangements are made between Talking Heads and you or Talking Heads and our client, not between you and our client.

Your details are private

If anyone asks for your mobile number you tell them that as a part of your agreement with Talking Heads, you cannot give away your mobile number. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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