Working Together

Talking Heads is a language services agency which uses a massive pool of linguists based around the world, to provide written translation, face to face interpreting and other language and cultural services to clients in all sectors. The Translation Team is the function which manages all translation projects, using CAT tools and our company-developed resources to ensure great customer service, account management and quality, on time deliveries. For us to do this we all have to maintain a great working relationship with the Project Managers and Finance team. 

The Translation Process

  1. Before we send you any work you must have registered fully on our system - this includes having a Skype conversation with one of our team. We see this as a key part of the on-boarding process as it gives both parties an opportunity to speak face to face before we start working together.

  2. Once point (1) is complete, we will contact you if there is a job (email, phone, mobile etc.)

  3. If you say yes, we send you an email confirming all the information by email. At this stage you will be given all of the information you need to complete the translation as well as information on how you invoice and how we like to work with our linguists. Please note that you may not have been the only translator to have been contacted about this project - especially if the deadlines are tight.

  4. It is imperative that you cooperate with us. If you have any questions, it is your responsibility to flag these concerns to the Project Manager.

  5. You will deliver the files in the agreed format.


  • You represent TALKING HEADS – the quality of your delivery is very important.

  • All orders are placed in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of trading; available on request.

  • You must always show to us that you are a PROFESSIONAL LINGUIST.

  • You must follow all of our instructions and procedures.

  • You MUSTN’T have any direct relationship or make any direct contact with our client (or their client).

  • If you are not a preferred linguist please do not assume rates paid. This varies from job to job.

  • Please be prepared – take the time and trouble to treat the work with respect, e.g. proofreading your work once you have completed the translation.

  • Please communicate with us; communication is key to a successful working relationship.

If you are interested in being a 'preferred' linguist, please contact us.

Offers of Work

Each time we have an assignment that matches your profile, you will be contacted by us to check your availability. You can expect contact from us via email or phone (if the requirement is urgent).

In the email / phone call, we will give you as much information as possible so you are in the best position to decide whether you can accept the assignment or not.

Please reply to the offer email even if you can’t take a job! Even knowing you are not available helps us enormously.

Ensure that you are comfortable with the subject matter before accepting a job and can meet the required deadline.

Please make sure to check the offered fee before accepting a job. Any fee negotiations should take place before the PO is sent to you.

Once you have agreed to take the assignment you will then be sent a full confirmation by email, which includes complete details of the assignment, i.e:

  • Order information

  • TH reference number

  • Software requirements

  • Project Manager's name and contact details

  • Project brief

  • Delivery date required

  • Invoice information

  • Order value

Once you have received this email, you are fully committed to the assignment and the details cannot be changed (unless our client changes the brief to which we will discuss/negotiate as and when that happens) – this would risk letting Talking Heads and our client down.

Before commencing a job

  • When you receive the order email, review the file and additional material you have been sent before commencing any job, to ensure you have all the information required or expected.

  • Please make sure that the files attached with the PO opens properly on your machine (Trados packages, compressed files, etc.). If there are any technical issues, please flag them to the Project Manager immediately.

  • Alert your Project Manager straight away if you foresee any issues completing the translation or meeting the deadline. Communication with your Project Manager throughout is key.

We will always aim to be as fair as possible and keep up good communications in turn - we look forward to working with you!


Delivering your project

  • Consider creating your own quality assurance checklist that you reference before delivering a job.

  • Remember that your translation should be 'Client Ready' before being delivered to your Project Manager.

  • Ensure your translation is complete and that there are no missing paragraphs, numbers, dates or sentences.

  • If you are proofreading a project, always deliver showing track changes.

  • Proofread your own work before delivery to your Project Manager.

  • Naming files is very important. When you submit a translation to us, please ensure the filename is exactly the same as when it was sent to you, but with an underscore, then your two digit language code after it. Eg. source: Globalmanual.docx - your file globalmanual_FR.docx

  • Please do not change file names (including Trados packages) - this is especially important when you are handling more than one file as it can get very confusing for us, and the client.

  • Please put our reference/job number in the subject line of all the emails you send us.

  • Once you have delivered the project, ensure you then follow the invoicing procedure strictly to avoid delayed payment.